The rise of Social Media communities

We might have evolved for a few thousand years, but humans are still tribal. Maybe not in the original sense of the word, but we know who we want to be around, and that translates into our online activity too.

There are so many social media platforms on offer, and to a degree, generations will go to the sites where they can find 'people like me'. So younger people will be on the latest social craze, and older people will stick with the established channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But this is too much of a generalisation.


There are loads of competitors to YouTube and many more impersonators, but nobody does it better, so YouTube retains the crown for finding news footage, famous scenes from your favourite films, Duran Duran music videos from the 80's ... or is that just me?

We all flock there to upload and share our makeup tutorials, skateboarding tricks, drunken falls, and many more magical moments for everyone to enjoy.

Searching for your tribe

This is the beauty of the massive range of social media options available - years ago, you might struggle to find a local country music goth appreciation society, but search online, and you'll be sure to find it. Reaching out to like-minded people, making a connection and sharing your knowledge - whether it is bee-bothering, trainspotting, politics or beer tasting there's something for all of us.

Find your place!

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